I am a young man looking forward to great things. I have a passion for philosophy, mathematics, physics and in my free time I hand build RC planes. I’m a software engineer and dedicate my time into being the best that I can be. Right now I am very passionate on Software Architecture/ Clean Code and organise Conferences on iOS architecture, Test Driven Development and Professionalism.  You can find me in each June in San Francisco. I’d love to chat 🙂

I look up to people who made history and changed the world:

I greatly admire Steve P. Jobs and APPLE Inc.’s passion for building great products. He changed computers forever.

I also study physics and admire astronomer Neil De Grasse Tyson. I enjoy his ability to make complex sound simple.

I admire the eloquence of Richard Dawkins and his ability to refute theology.

I enjoy and practiced boxing and admire  Muhammad Ali. I practiced bodybuilding: Admirer of Ronnie Coleman, Arnold Schwarzenegger(I wrote his last name without googling it). All great, great champions.

I admire the speeches and the ability to debate convincingly of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.

I find that George Carlin was one of the greatest stand-up comedians.


“Am 20 şi ceva de ani. Ştiu că sunt prost, dar cînd privesc în jur , prind la Curaj(@Ion Creangă).

Încerc ,şi cu paşi mici reuşesc, să mă educ.Singura formă de educaţie în care cred este autoeducaţia.” – Eu acum 4 ani


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